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JSPP (Japan Society of Personality Psychology) has been a centre of research activities in personality psychology since it was established in June 1992. In September 2011, it had about 888 members total, of which 265 were student members or postdoctoral research fellows. The Society is open to researchers who are interested in personality. We are particularly proud of having a large number of young, research-active psychologists among us, and hope that the Society will continue to grow.

Standing Committees
Besides the Executive Board of Directors (UKIYA, Shuichi, Chair and President of JSPP), several standing committees of the JSPP take leading roles for day-to-day activities, with aims to stimulate research activities within JSPP, facilitate public understanding of personality psychology, and organize collaborative projects with other psychological associations.
For instance, the Public Relations Committee issues the Society's newsletter on regular basis, which has now evolved into an e-mail newsletter. The committee is also in charge of updating the JSPP website. The Research and Exchange Committee organizes symposiums and lecture meetings, open to the public, at least once a year. They also hold workshops on statistical analysis, new research methodology, newly developing research topics, and so on, to help interested JSPP members improve their research skills. Occasionally, the committee works with its counterparts of other psychological associations in order to organize symposiums or collaborative research projects.

Annual Meeting
The annual meetings of the JSPP are usually held in summer or autumn. The 21th JSPP annual meeting will be held in Shimane on October 6-7, 2012. Akihiko IESHIMA, who is an Associate Professor at Shimane University, is chairing the Congress Organizing Committee. The committee is now developing attractive programs, along with Research and Exchange Committee. We are honored to announce Dr. Hubert Hermans, who is known as the creator of Dialogical self theory, as the keynote speaker of the meeting.

The Society's Editorial Committee is responsible for its journal: The Japanese Journal of Personality. Since 2005, three issues of the Journal have been published every year. You can read every article published since Volume 12 (2003) on the homepage at Japan Science and Technology Information Aggregator, Electronic (J-STAGE). You may download them in PDF format from the site, and almost all articles are in Japanese with English abstract. Bibliographic information and references of the Journal articles are now included in such well-known international databases as CrossRef, Google Scholar, and PubMed. They are also linked with APA journals through CrossRef.

Contact Us
Please send an email to us if you have any questions or require additional information.
E-mail: iecjspp☆googlegroups.com (change ☆ into @)

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