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The JSPP (Japan Society of Personality Psychology) has been a center for research in personality psychology since it was established in June 1992. In August 2019, it had 932 members, 227 of whom were student members or postdoctoral research fellows. The Society is open to all researchers with an interest in personality. We are particularly proud of having a large number of young, research-active psychologists among us, and hope that the Society will continue to grow.

Standing Committees

In addition to the Executive Board of Directors (WATANABE, Yoshiyuki: Chair and President of the JSPP), several standing committees of the JSPP take leading roles in day-to-day activities, stimulating research activity within the JSPP, promoting public understanding of personality psychology, and organizing collaborative projects with other psychological associations.
The JSPP Public Relations Committee, for example, issues the Society’s regular newsletter, which has now evolved into an e-newsletter; this committee is also in charge of updating the JSPP website. The Research and Exchange Committee organizes annual public symposiums and lecture meetings. The committee also works with other psychological associations to organize occasional symposiums and collaborative research projects.

Annual Meeting

The JSPP coordinates an annual scientific meeting. Held at various Japanese universities between June and November, this meeting provides Japanese and international researchers with a platform for presenting their work, communicating ideas, and reviewing current developments in the fields of psychology and personality. The JSPP invites leading international researchers to give keynote lectures at many of its annual meetings. Past meetings and invited plenary sessions have been hosted by the following institutions:


The Editorial Committee produces the JSPP journal, The Japanese Journal of Personality. Since 2005, three issues of the journal have been published every year. You will find every article published since Volume 12 (2003) at the homepage of the Japan Science and Technology Information Aggregator, Electronic (J-STAGE). You may also download articles in PDF format from this site; most are in Japanese with abstracts in English. Using this site will give you an overview of the focus and topics covered by The Japanese Journal of Personality. Bibliographic information and references to Journal articles are now available through well-known international databases, including CrossRef, and PubMed; they are also linked with APA journals through CrossRef.

Contact Us

Please send an email to us if you have any questions or require additional information.

E-mail: office-jimukyoku☆jspp.gr.jp (change ☆ into @)